Promises of Light

Access to electricity will be transformational in the villages of El Torito & Dos de Junio in northern Bolivia. While visiting with Lillian, neighborhood association president (also known as ‘El Presidente’) for the village of El Torito, she expressed concerns about the safety of residents during the night. When the sun goes down around 7 p.m., darkness sets in. Residents don’t have the liberty to walk around when their streets are “painted” in pitch black. Candlesticks, flashlights and kerosene lamps provide a glimpse of light.

While Oklahoma and Missouri’s initial team visited with village residents in early February, a couple of residents expressed they hoped the plan for this electrification project would not be a promise that would end up not being fulfilled. Our team assured  them that we are committed to bringing light to their villages. We spoke about the selfless dedication and generosity of co-op leaders in Missouri and Oklahoma who are eager to see the lives of these residents transformed.

Electricity will be instrumental in improving their access to healthcare, better education, and overall safety. At home, electricity will mean a lightbulb shining in a room while children do homework, while women cook meals, create crafts or simply just want to enjoy quality time with their families. We’re not even talking about the electronic devices that we in America are so used to (smartphones, tablets, laptops, video game consoles are more) or the myriad of electronic appliances in our kitchens (refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, blenders, toasters, coffeemakers…). We are talking about a simple lightbulb. In some instances, it would take just one lightbulb in a small room to make a difference. So simple, yet so powerful. It starts with power.


IMG_6943 copy

Lillian visits with residents of the Village El Torito about the Energy Trails Project

IMG_7022 copy

Homes in the El Torito Village (outskirts of Riberalta, Bolivia)

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